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Disable All Code in Edit Mode

Sometimes you insert custom code, and then discover you can’t delete it, or no longer have the ability to click “Edit” to edit the page. Some typical examples

  • Add Code Block to Footer to remove Footer, and then you can’t see Footer to remove the code
  • Add Embed Block and can’t click “Edit”
  • Add Redirect URL code to Page Header and then you can’t edit Page Content, it always redirect to new page

To solve these problems, Squarespace provides Safe Mode, which means that in this mode, all custom code (Code Block, Code Injection, Page Header, Custom CSS, Embed Block) you have inserted will be disabled until you enable it again.

Suppose your site is:


Just access this link to access safe mode


It will show a bar on the bottom of the screen, so you know you’re still in safe mode.

And to enable all code again, just click “Enable Scripts in Preview” then reload the page

Safe Mode1 Min