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Blog: Image to Gif on Hover

To change Blog Preview Image to Gif on Hover like this site:, you can follow these steps

#1. Find Blog Item URL

Hover on 3 dots > Click Settings

Blog Preview1 Min

Look at Post URL field

Blog Preview2 Min

#2. Upload Gif image to your site & get URL

  • You can upload it via Image Block then Right click > Copy Image Address
  • You can upload it via Custom CSS (Website Tools > Custom CSS)
  • You can upload it similar upload pdf.
  • Or if you have external gif url, you can also use it

#3. Add this below code to Custom CSS

Replace Pixabay URL with your Gif url (You will see the url is a little different, because I checked the code on a different site than the one screenshot above, don’t pay attention to it.)

a.image-wrapper[href="/work/blog-post-title-one-lz33n"]:hover img {
    content: url(;
a.image-wrapper[href="/work/blog-post-title-two-3sz4d"]:hover img {
    content: url(;
a.image-wrapper[href="/work/blog-post-title-three-wfrwr"]:hover img {
    content: url(;
a.image-wrapper[href="/work/blog-post-title-four-gekxx"]:hover img {
    content: url(;

Blog Preview3 Min