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Event Detail: Fullwidth top banner image

Follow these following steps to add Fullwidth top banner image to Event Detail Image

Event Detail Banner01 Min (1)

#1. Add this code to Event Page Header Code Injection 

<script src=""></script>
jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {
        a = $('meta[property="og:image"]');
        a.attr("content", a.attr("content").replace("http", "https"));
        var t = a.attr("content");
        $('<div class="event-detail-banner"><img class="event-detail-banner-image" src="' + t + '"></div>').insertBefore("");
  body {overflow-x:hidden;}
  img.event-detail-banner-image {
    width: 100%;

Event Detail Banner02 Min

#2. Add Banner Image

The above code will get Thumbnail and make it as banner

To edit Event Thumbnail, hover on 3 dots > click Settings

Event Detail Banner03 Min

And change this Featured Image

Event Detail Banner04 Min