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Disable Project on Portfolio Page

My ideal is hide project from Portfolio Page and Pagination.

However this approach has a small problem: If hiding project from pagination, that current pagination will show blank, Other items will not automatically fill that position, so you can consider hiding whole pagination or disable pagination click, instead of hiding it.

Follow these steps

First, add this code to Custom CSS box

a.grid-item[href*="-draft"], a.portfolio-hover-item[href*="draft"] {
    display: none !important;
.item-pagination[data-collection-type^="portfolio"] {
    display: none;

Disable Project 01 Min

Next, access Portfolio Page > Hover on Project you want to disable > Click 3 dots > Settings

Disable Project 02 Min

Find URL Slug

Disable Project 03 Min

add draft to end of URL, then save

Disable Project 04 Min

All set.