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Click Announcement Bar – Show Lightbox

Suppose you want: when users click on the Announcement Bar, it will open a Lightbox with custom content.

#1. Create a Blank Page in Not Linked with Name/URL

  • View Our Menu – /view-our-menu

and design your desired layout on this page

Click Announcement Bar Link Show Lightbox 01 Min

#2. Edit Announcement Bar > Paste this URL

  • #lightbox_view-our-menu


Click Annoucement Bar Show Lightbox Min

#3. Install Lightbox Plugin
The plugin will ask you to add some code to Code Injection – Footer, something like this.

Click List Carousel Items Show Autoplay Video 13 Min

#4. Result

When clicking on the Announcement Bar, you will have


Click Annoucement Bar Show Lightbox 02 Min